It’s week 22 of 2008 and I’m well into my reading challenge. So far I am on track to hit 48 having completed 20 books so far. Finally, as promised a number of weeks ago, here is the list so far…

  1. Designing Web Usability (Nielsen) Completed: 11th January Good ideas about web usability. Lots of detail. A bit dated. Some opinions I disagree with.
  2. Confessions of a Reformission Rev (Driscoll) Completed: 16th January Candid insight into Driscoll's life and how he set up a massive church. Great reading. Like his style
  3. Web-Empower Your Church (Stephenson) Completed: 19th January Wasn't targeted well. Author seemed to be pushing his own agenda. Would've liked some theology too.
  4. The Cross of Christ (Stott) Completed: 7th February Heavy, but brilliant. The Cross is the centre of everything.
  5. Bit Literacy (Hurst) Completed: 11th February Good book on how to organise one's digital life. Don't totally agree with everything.
  6. Your Mind Matters (Stott) Completed: 11th February Nice short book on why Christians should place an importance on 'knowledge' (balanced by love)
  7. Pragmatic Programmer (Hunt & Thomas) Completed: 20th February Supremely useful collection of tips on being a better programmer. Was a bit 'slow' at times though.
  8. Mere Christianity (Lewis) Completed: 26th February Excellent in many areas. Such unique images make it very good. Although I don't always agree 100% it's still a classic.
  9. The Radical Reformission (Driscoll) Completed: 2nd March Great book. Thesis is essentially must be a culturally relevant bible believing church.
  10. Don't Waste Your Life (Piper) [2nd read] Completed: 6th March Fantastic book. 1st read was life changing this time round it was just as challenging.
  11. The Master and Margarita (Bulgakov) Completed: 24th March Very well written (err, translated?) intriguing story. The supernatural themes and alternative gospel account probably lessened it's appeal.
  12. Escape From Reason (Schaeffer) Completed: 26th March Brief look at the progression of the western world view. Lends some light on what people think nowadays. Makes me want to read more philosophy.
  13. What's the Difference? (Piper) Completed: 27th March Nice short book defining gender roles biblically. Clear and succinct and many great points.
  14. Bad Astronomy (Plait) Completed: 5th April Excellent book dispelling myths and clearly explaining hard astronomical concepts. Fun, easy read.
  15. Blue Like Jazz (Miller) Completed: 11th April Great book. Well written, engaging story/random thoughts about Christianity. Don't agree 100% with everything, but still very good.
  16. The God Who Is There (Schaeffer) Completed: 28th April Similar but broader than Escape from Reason. Seeks to address the question of evangelism in a world with a moving worldview. Dense, but good.
  17. A Scanner Darkly (Dick) Completed: 7th May Heavy drug themes. Interesting insight into the lives of abusers. Slow start but gets interesting in the 3rd quarter.
  18. A Christian Manifesto (Schaeffer) Completed: 12th May A strong call to action for Christians in countries that are turning away from Christian roots. Solid biblical basis. Good read.
  19. The Princess Bride (Goldman) Completed: 16th May (well 26th of May including the bits at the end) Fantastic, engaging story. More detail than the movie, but Goldman's interjections are annoying. Very fun read.
  20. unChristian (Kinnaman) Completed: 25th May Eye opening results of years of study. Doesn't finish as strong as it could, but it's still an eye opening book.