I am sitting here writing this blog post as Rove McManus interviews Andrew Denton about his recent recent (2006) visit to the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Texas. The thought has just dawned on me that never in my adult lifetime has there been an easier time to speak openly about religion.

What makes it strange is that it isn’t the usual religious content you find on a light comedy/variety show on a Sunday evening - the quick one liners poking fun at a recent religious faux pas. Instead it is a serious look at a big Christian centric event (well as serious as variety shows get) and it feels slightly misplaced because there aren’t the usual array of jokes being fired off.

There has been an obvious change, and I think the catalyst for this has, in part, been due to the increasing concern about terrorism, its relationship to Islam and fundamentalism. I think its also related to a deep desire people have to feel a sense of meaning with their lives or to have some spiritual experience.

Whatever the case we can no longer claim that people are unwilling to talk about what they believe in. As a Christian there are more opportunities than ever for me to be sharing what I believe. If Rove can talk about it, then I have no excuse.