My mum carries a photo album with her pretty much all the time (hi mum!). It usually contains the latest photos of whatever has been happening - the last trip, the new granddaughter. It usually comes out when she’s meeting people she hasn’t seen for a while, or wants to show her friends what she’s been up to.

I used to think this was strange, and slightly embarrassing (cause there’d often be at least one unflattering photo of yours truly in there). I also found it particularly amusing.

But then something happened. I got a video iPod. I got a digital camera. I started taking photos. I started putting them on my iPod. I even started showing my friends the photos on my iPod - just like my mum!

What’s worse is the iPod doesn’t just store a limited number of photos like mum’s physical album - it stores thousands of photos! It’d be like mum carrying around her entire bookcase of photo albums where ever she goes - which I’m sure she would if she could.

So I’m now officially worse than my mum in this area.

Update: Mum says that the technical name for her small photo album is brag book. So I hereby coin the name BragPod to refer to an iPod being used for the same purpose.