Yesterday was great. A public holiday on a Wednesday nicely splits the working week into two easy to manage halves. It makes Monday feel like Thursday, Thursday feel like Monday, Tuesday feel like Friday and Friday feel like, well, Friday. Taking it easy and hanging with some friends was an excellent plan too. Everyone I’ve spoken to hasn’t had a bad thing to say about the Wednesday holiday.

But I noticed a problem - and its all about petrol.

Well the price of petrol.

If you’re an Australian driver then you’ve probably noticed that the best time to buy petrol is on a Tuesday. For some reason thats probably related to the schedule of petrol tankers, the day of the week, and when people usually get paid, petrol is cheapest on that day. Monday is usually okay. Wednesday and Thursday are pretty bad.

Another time you don’t buy petrol is the day school holidays start. Actually buying petrol near holidays is generally a bad idea - including public holidays. And yesterday was no exception.

On Tuesday night driving home from work the price was at about AU$1.25 per litre, which was about the same as it had been over the weekend before it. On Wednesday morning when I drove past it had actually dropped to about AU$1.20 (ooh 5c). Come Wednesday evening it had jumped dramatically to AU$1.34.

So there wasn’t the usual Tuesday night dip in prices that one has come to expect. Disappointing.

I eventually remembered ;)