While trying to get my phone and net transferred I’ve spent a lot of time on hold to iiNet. To keep you from nodding off, iiNet provides a loop of helpful tips and self advertising while you’re on hold.

One of the messages says this in an advertisement for their ‘web accelerator’1:

Dial-up web accelerator is almost 5 times faster than normal dial-up. It really is the next best thing to broadband.

Maybe I’m paying too much for my ADSL2+ service.

1 - a web accelerator is primarily a cache, storing a local copy of the data you need to download so you don't have to download it again. The smarter ones can also do things like filtering adverts and prefetching content. It can make it feel faster, but in reality everything comes down at the same old 56K. I reckon they're a waste of money - if you want broadband speeds, get broadband.