I read an article titled Click here to give ’em the flick on SMH.

It’s an article describing some research about how teenagers are playing out their relationships more and more online.

I found the following quote particularly sad. Despite desiring physical interaction teens still resort to a cheaper, unsatisfying, alternative online. While they now have “far greater access to networked publics” I think they also have greater access to the mall and movie theatres than I ever had when I was their age.

Boyd also observed that technology had made it far more common for relationships to be played out in cyberspace - over instant-messaging tools and MySpace - than in the real world.

“While physical interactions are deeply desired, they are typically quite rare,” she said.

“Although the mall and move [sic] theater are still desired outtings [sic] for teen couples, many have far greater access to networked publics like MySpace than they do to unmediated publics.”

The SMH article is based off this blog post.