As our 60 day period comes to a close now begins the process of moving to our the new place.

So with this post I’d like to say farewell to our old place. You we’re a great first home away from the parents. With your off white walls and carpet. With the small bedroom that I somehow managed to fit in. You had a huge open living/dining space and a balcony which we tended to neglect, except when we needed to hang out the washing, or cook a barbecue.

But you made having friends over great, and you never got in the way when we needed to play the Wii. Your position amongst your peers meant that we had to climb a long stair case, but it meant we could leave our windows and balcony door open in summer, and if we needed to the shops were only a short walk away. And you did all this without asking for much in return.

I am slightly jealous of your new occupants. Our new place is nice, but I feel like old friends with you. It will be sad to leave.

Hmm. It will also be sad having smaller wardrobes and no internet or telephone at home for a week. But I’m sure we’ll settle in soon.

Hasta la vista