Since I am now past the 3 month mark since the start of my cholesterol induced diet I decided I’d visit the doctor and get my blood tested again.

When he does these tests he always checks everything so he got me to stand on the scales to take my weight. I got a big surprise (so to speak). My weight was 78kg, with my shoes still on, a fat wallet still in my pocket and the scales reporting just above zero with nothing on them.

I thought I was still around 82kg (having lost about 4 or 5 before that) and 3 months ago I was 84kg. I think what makes it a bigger deal is that I hadn’t done much exercise through January, and I haven’t been as strict on what I was eating.

I don’t think I’ve been below 80 since the start of university. My reckoning is that by the end of this year, with all the travelling and what not going on, I’ll be in the low 70’s. Sweet.