Strangely enough, the story about the local Chicken shop continues to unfold. So if you haven’t already, then I suggest you read the original post and then continue below.

The small town feel of working in the suburbs lends itself well to information sharing (some call this gossip). Turns out my boss bumped into someone the other day, who is close to the people who made the shop good.

According to this source, the people who made the chicken shop a success in the space of 6-9 months had started other successful business in the past. The owners, who were friends with them at the time, got them to run their store for a while. They also told them to tell people that the owners were going overseas - which was apparently not the case.

And so they took over and ran the store and made it a success. Until one day the owners came in, gave them due notice, and returned the store to how it was, much to the confusion and dismay of the people who’d made it a success and to the loyal customers they had gained. I don’t think the owners are good friends with them any more.

Now, how much of this is true I don’t exactly know - it could all be fake. But it does make the entire story a little more strange. Did the owners go overseas at all? Were they attempting to capitalise on the success of their friends? And If so, then why did they revert things to how they were beforehand?