I just had one of those incredibly surreal experiences. The story starts yesterday evening when I received a phone call. It was from a guy at Fitness First. Turns out Ben Z had just joined at Rockdale and given them my name. One of those programs where each successful referral saves you $5 a month.

Having thought about doing something to drop the excess fat I’ve been picking up over the last 5 years I was slightly interested, but wanted to think it over, so I gave the interested, but not that interested response and that was that.

About 15 minutes later my flat mate came in and announced he had just signed up for Fitness First also. He also told us that he had put our names down as referrals. What a coincidence.

Well this morning I got another phone call from the Miranda center that James had joined. To which I decided “what the hey, I’ll go and check it out”. I was going to Westfield Miranda anyway, so it was only going to be a short trip across the road.

Well after about 20 minutes I walked out having signed up for 26 fortnights (but managed to score a 15 day ’trial’ period just in case).

One of those spontaneous decisions where you have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into.

Now to go and buy some towels…