I’ve come up with a new way to listen to my music. In the past when I’ve listened to music I’ve just picked an artist and started playing their music on shuffle. I was kinda getting bored of that and had some inspiration this morning on a new way I could experience my music.

My new technique involves creating a playlist in iTunes where half the songs are from one artist, and the other half a from another artist. The idea is to have the most unlikely artists stuck together to come up with a really strange mix.

So far I’ve tried Black Eyed Peas with The Blues Brothers, INXS with Infusion and Queen with Ugly Duckling. Hip hop with R&B, Rock with Electronica, and Hip Hop with, well, Queen. So far they’ve all worked together, and its much better than listening to one artist or all the artists in my collection.

I wonder what other weird combos I can create….