I bought a big desk yesterday from ikea and built it today. I like big desks. This one is 1600mm by 800mm and I have it set at about 800mm high. So much room. My laptop looks lonely sitting in the middle on its own. Maybe it needs some friends.

I totally hate those stupid tiny computer desks and I especially hate keyboard drawers. Your arms have to float in the middle of space and since they’re never the right height this ends up causing sore wrists and other such nonsense. The monitor also sits about a foot from your face, which is a fantastic way to kill your eyes. I’d much rather have my arms wresting on the desk from the elbows and have the monitor sitting 2 to 3 feet away. I also like having the ability to sit 3 computers side by side and still have spare room.

Speaking of spare room, this desk takes up about 15.76% of the floor space in my room (extra points if you can figure out the dimensions of my nearly square room). Its nearly as big as my bed, but I figure if I one day move into a larger room the decision not to buy a smaller desk won’t be regretted.