Hello those who still check this site.

Its been a while. I figured I probably should update this so total readership doesn’t end up equal to or less than zero.

The desire was to, in one fell swoop, move to my freshly installed, but still highly generic, content management system on my own domain/hosting. However in my true form I have only half started with no clear intention of actually finishing it off. I think I stopped for two reasons:

  1. I want the site to look unique and so I figured I'd have to spend time attempting to design my own layout
  2. I want the site to have some structure to it, but to have structure I really need to decide what I'm going to put on it

To solve the first point I figure I’ll just scrap any sense of style and go very plain. Helvetica/Arial/Sans Serif. Black on white. All text. Maybe I can add fancy borders and shaded backgrounds. Maybe I can pay a graphic designer to do the hard work. The second is more annoying and much harder to figure out. Maybe I’ll just have a brain dump onto the site and then try and categorize it in some way (this actually just got me thinking… I’ll be right back to the blog posting in a few minutes……)

Anyway. The other reason there has been a lack of updates is because everything has been very busy for the last couple of months. Work has been busy. Church has been busy. Leading is lots of work. Work is busy too. Fortunately work isn’t that busy now. So I might take some time off soon. Maybe.