Well my battery died today. So I had to fork out about $80 for a new one. In the process of replacing it the car stereo had its ‘anti-theft’ mechanism activated. Which means I need a 3 digit code to unlock it. Unfortunately I don’t have a 3 digit code, and I’ve used up 3 of my 4 attempts trying simple guesses. Which means until I find the correct 3 digit code (with a high level of certainty it is the correct code) or I take it somewhere to get ‘fixed’ (I wonder if I could do it myself), I no longer have a functioning stereo.

The irony is I just bought an iPod so I could listen to music in the car, but now I have to listen to the dull tones of my engine, or the fan or even worse, the throbbing bass from someone else’s functioning stereo.