As it turns out I, along with both my brothers and a cousin, am soon to recieve another piece of inheritance from our only surviving grand parent. Like a lot of inheritance this resonable chunk of money has been set aside for a specific future event - my engagement. The money is to be used to put towards an engagement ring.

This is somewhat ironic.

I have friends who have spent a lot of time scrimping and saving for such a thing, or have foregone such traditions due to the rather extravegant expense (well for a student at least) when they got engaged to their fiance. I on the other hand now have enough money to be able to afford a rather expensive ring (I checked froogle and I can get some impressive rings) but have no prospect of getting engaged in the near future. This world is harsh and unfair.

So I am very single, now with a very reasonable engagement ring fund1.

1- this is not an invitation to try and get said ring - greed is by no means a valid basis for marriage.