Well church held an op-shop to get some money to buy a digital projector for a less well-to-do church out in Minto. Besides finding 370,000 Indonesian Rupiah and a AU$1 note (printed prior to 1970) in some clothing I managed to score an adequate, yet cheap, solution to my CD storage problem (previously discussed here).

I managed to score a CD drawer thingo and for $6 it does alright. But I have some criticisms.

  1. Its a bit flimsy, it doesn't feel solid. If I was to sit on it I would probably break it.
  2. There is no nice way to store box sets. Firstly it is nearly full, so there is no room, but if there was I'd have to violate the stringent standard for placing CDs into the drawers and lay them down instead of placing them in the little spaces.

So I either need an even more superior CD storage device, or just by more of the same thing. But in either case clutter has been reduced.