Well its been a while since I last posted so I guess its time to place something new on top of an ever increasing pile of stale.

I have been suitably distracted with completing the tiny bit of work I had left to be marked (aka my thesis), with work and all the hijinks that go on their, and with the stuff I’ve been doing for the 40 Days of Purpose thingo we are doing at church.

With uni out of the way now I can relax a bit more. No more unfinished work hanging over my head. No more late night assignments or last minute rushes (at least the kind I pay for). The best bit about being done is I now can spend time doing the things I’d held off doing because I hadn’t done my thesis demonstration. I have a personal website I can toy around on more now plus lots of other 1% finished projects that I can now make 67% complete.

The other newsworthy thing is the product we are working on at work is generating a bit of intrest in some of the big classifieds in Australia, along with a few other groups. The fact that a few are keen means that the chance of our relatively untested product becoming successful is dramatically increased. It also means I may end up on a salary at some stage in the near future as an employee.

Anyway, back to sleeping. Lots to do tomorrow…..