For the last few days I have greatly enjoyed the time I have spent in my car. The stereo, engine, nor the in car navigation system (whihc I may or may not own) are the reasons for this, but the quality air conditioning unit.

You see, with the exception of my 10 minutes in a mall buying lunch, my car is the largest does of cool air I have received in over those few days. I live in a house with abysmal temperatures - its too cold in winter and too hot in summer and has no climate control except a handful of portable fans and heaters, windows that can open and close and a couple of whirlygigs on the roof. I work in an old run down room in a building that is probably as old as my one surviving grandparent and has a burntout resturant below. It has one window that opens and a fan when I bother to bring one from home. There isn’t even a fridge to fetch cold water from. I have to go to a shop for that. All this heat makes it hard to sleep and hard to think.

So you can see why I enjoy my car. Well at least after the aircon has neutralized the effects of the sun heating the air trapped inside while it has been parked. Maybe one day I’ll work in a building with adequet climate control or maybe tomorrow it will rain and I won’t have to sweat it out in 38° heat.