The nuke calculator as promised. I’m not sure what range the values are reasonably accurate within, but when I do figure it out. I’ll post em.

[nuke calculator loading...]

Just in case you were wondering here are the different effects of the different pressures (from this site mention previously):

  • 1 psi - Window glass shatters
    Light injuries from fragments occur.
  • 3 psi - Residential structures collapse.
    Serious injuries are common, fatalities may occur.
  • 5 psi - Most buildings collapse.
    Injuries are universal, fatalities are widespread.
  • 10 psi - Reinforced concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished.
    Most people are killed.
  • 20 psi - Heavily built concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished.
    Fatalities approach 100%.

I’ve revamped the js a bit so now it works much better. This app is used for calculating either the ranges in kilometers of the effects of a nuclear blast of a particular yeild in kilotons OR calculating the yeild necessary to acheive the range for a particular effect.