After close to five years, I no longer have my CSE account. No more cbro903 email address and no more 200Mb disk quota.

And no more cheap1 web hosting, which means my logo is now defunct. I no longer have a convenient space on the internet where I can just upload stuff to - not that I have anything to put up except a few ramblings here and there. So now the hunt is on. I need cheap hosting - preferably with a unix shell.

I also need content. I could move this blog to whatever hosting I get, but… it would need something more than just a blog. I could put up software creations, but really, none are very useful. They are either way to old to be of any value except purely nostalga, or way to simple to be very useful. For example I have a rather nice2 menu system I wrote in the days of DOS. But who uses DOS now? No one really, except maybe a few freaks who play retro DOS games. I also have a program I wrote to manipulate stepper motors, but its useless unless you have a stepper motor and an identical controller. Other than that I have dosens of half finished projects and little utilities, the kind of stuff no one cares about. I want something a bit more interesting…

Ideally I should attempt to set up a site that seeks to be an authority on some meaningless topic. That way I can get stupid web surfers with no lives visiting my site and learning useless bits of trivia. Like the shoe lace guy or the shirt folding site.

So if anyone has any ideas, please tell me.

1 - considering the cost of my uni degree its really not that cheap, but I guess I got an education with it. 2 - nice in the ‘i was young and inexperience and wrote something pretty cool’ sense of the word.