It is spring and my head is once again bald. For this summer I am going to pick up the once regular ritual of weekly to bi-weekly head shaving. While some people struggle to keep their hair on, I’m gonna be cutting it off. Not since the end of ‘99 have I kept up the ritual.

I am looking forward to once again moving beyond the dirty grey - I haven’t shaved my head before and I’m only doing it this once because it was a dare look to the nicely tanned - I’ve been doing this for a while because it makes me look scary look.

I am not really looking forward to sunburn on the scalp. When it peels its bad. You can’t shave because it either hurts or you take off more skin than hair and a peeling scalp looks like a serious case of dandruff. But there is always suncream to protect.

Other than that post shower drying time is now halved, hot nights are barable, shampoo costs are reduced and I look better (well thats what I think).

On another note it turns out the link in the previous post has gone dead, which is unfortunate. Maybe it will return one day.PS - first person to explain the pun in the title gets a coke, or another equally priced drink of choice.