I am so bored right now. Judging by the content of my previous messages today you’ve probably already realised that.

So far today I’ve been to church, I’ve shaved my head, I’ve watched The Big Sleep (its very good, watch it), I’ve watched the Roosters beat the Cowboys (I was kinda hoping the Cowboys would win being the underdogs and all), I’ve watched Black Hawk Down, I’ve checked slashdot, smh and a dozen of my other regular sites more than twice including various blogs I seldom read.

I’ve drunk a 600mL bottle and a 1.25L bottle of Coke, I finished a box of cadbury favourites, I’ve had a meat pie and a quarter pounder and a cup off instant coffee.

I’ve checked my email numerous times, did some research on the history of hyperspace, looked at the weather forecast, checked Australia’s position on the 2004 paralympics medal tally, discovered some nifty easter eggs for my dodgy old nokia phone.

Finally I spent the wee hours of this morning (aka last night) researching queensland liquor laws because my brother who is on holidays had his drivers license confiscated by a bouncer cause they thought it was a fake (btw it has all turned out okay so far, I’m sending my brother his birth certificate so he can get a proof of age card while his license makes its way back home).

What I haven’t done that I probably should have done is complete some timesheets so I can get some money (I will do some before I sleep). I also didn’t do any work on my thesis like I thought I would - I’ve had one of those afternoons where you want to be a little productive but on something completely different because all the usual things are not interesting.

So there you have it. That is what a person is driven to when their family goes away and leaves no one to argue with. I think I might play some music for a break from the sound of television or maybe I’ll have an early night.