If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a counter at the bottom of my weblog. At the moment of writing it sits at 310 (thanks mostly to sofala and of_flawed), but I think that it could be much bigger.

So to encourage senseless reloading I’m gonna start a competition. The one thousandth visitor1 of the site shall recieve a fantastic prize. It will be at least a single 1.25L bottle of Coke. If the thousandth visitor is a someone you refered you get 2 1.25L of Coke and they get 12.

So get clicking and win!

1 - The visitor has to be Australian and known to myself. 2 - Offer limited to a maximum of 3 bottles each. Awarding of the prizes is at the discression of myself, so If I don’t feel like honouring this agreement then too bad. Oh and I need to be able to verify to a reasonable degree the referrals otherwise it doesn’t count. Following a link that has been posted in another blog or forum doesn’t count either, however emailed or instant messaged links are allowed.