Okay, I think I have enough email addresses now. While some people in the world are yet to obtain their first, I just created my 10th active email account. While this number is about to drop when my uni accounts expire, I own a domain name so I have the capacity to create an infinite number of email accounts.

Two of the accounts are work related, two of the accounts are uni related. One is church related. The remaining five are all personal. Two of the personal accounts are on my calebbrown.id.au domain, one is a spymac.com account, one is my hotpop.com account. The remaining account is my brand new gmail account - I finally got an invite to this supremely superior and exclusive email service.

What is really amazing about all this is the total amount of spam I receive weekly is zero, zilch, nil, naught, none.

If you want to beat spam and find yourself registering for things online just to access stuff that shouldn’t be protected, then try mailinator or BugMeNot and give spam the flick. Additionally be careful about where you place your email address on the web.