A slight delay in the proceedings. I was gonna write a large entry about this site. But after trying to find some background information I decided enough commentary had been given on this site in journals, forums and blogs all over the net and it didn’t need any more from me. Not only that but the site appears to be a joke, with only circumstancial connections to anything in meatspace (for example, all but one email address on the site is a freebe).

The only two things I’ll say about it though are this:

  1. whether or not the authors of the site intendend for their satire to have any useful impact on people, it did. Because it was so offensive to a lot of people huge numbers of religious conversations sprung up all over the net. Unfortunately they were often misguided, but just having people think about this sort of stuff is good.
  2. There is a very funny entry in the May 6th 2004, Pastor’s Corner. Basically a rewrite to the song Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot called Baby Got Baptism.

The other site I wanted to mention is called Dial-the-Truth Ministries. This site, unlike the previously mention one, appears to be quite serious.

The reason I wanted to mention it is because I found it rather interesting. It happens to be the most conservative fundamentalist website I have ever seen. The people behind the site think the KJV is it when it comes to translations and that pretty much every other translation is evil. They reckon rock music is evil. And despite the fact that they actually believe in hell and the seriousness of being there, they think that hell is located inside the earth.

While a fair bit of the site is solid in its theology, they take it to the literal extreme in most cases. These people are essentially fundamentalists - taken to the most literal extreme.

Now I just fall short of being a Sydney Anglican - a conservative evangelical, which means I am quite frequently labelled a fundamentalist, puritan, or unintellectual. But seriously people there are fundamentalists and there are fundamentalists. It would save everyone a lot of time if the distinction was made more often.

Oh, on the subject of Christianity check out this presentation to find out why I think it is so important.