Well as my day draws to a close, I thought that I would contribute to the sea of blogged opinion that is the internet with a comment on the very thing that I am doing now.

It seems that just about everyone with an internet connection has a web-log these days (yes there is a history behind the word). It took me a while, but I finally surcumed to the trend. I’ve sold out everyone. I’m sorry to those who now think lesser of me.

Blogs are a funny thing. They’re kinda like those personal journals that girls have, that only they ever see. But they’re not. Because everyone else can see them. So with the rise of blogging as a form of expression, people are now revealing their inner most feelings and thoughts on the internet to all who care to read. But this presents a problem for some people. It seems that they want to write down how they are feeling, but not tell everyone - especially in the case of really personal stuff like, oh, BGRs. So instead of the candid writting they typically use, people switch into a ‘poetic’ style. They then hide behind all these ambiguous phrases which have very little meaning, except to the author, and leave the reader guessing as to what the heck is going on.

So for this blog here are two things you can not expect to see. The first is this: don’t expect any cryptic sentences disguised as poetry - used as a means for me to express my feelings without any circumstancial details. I write in plain english. Secondly, don’t expect any sort of deep insight into the emotional life of Caleb Brown. I’m writting this purely for the sake of entertainment. Which, incidentally, I will most likely fail at acheiving.

There you have it folks. My first real contribution to the overpopulated city of subjectivity.

Time to stop now and sleep.

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