About me

Hi, I'm Caleb Brown.

I live in Australia in a city called Wollongong, just south of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales.

I'm happily married to my beautiful wife Heather.

I work as the Lead Developer for a team of talented devs in Fairfax Media.

About the site

This site is built using a custom blogging engine. It uses statically generated JSON database stored on disk rather than a more traditional database backed system. The JSON allows me to dynamically generate elements of the blog, unlike other static blogging engines (e.g. Jekyll)

The JSON database is generated from a collection of static files stored in a Mercurial repository. This means I can use the file system to structure the site and I'm able to use my favourite text editor to write the content.

The backend is written in Python and I use Bottle as my web framework. It is being served out using Apache with mod_wsgi.

I use memcached to keep the site running fast. It keeps the hot data in memory and saves me from having to load up the JSON files from the disk.

The frontend is built using Twitter's awesome bootstrap framework.

And the image at the top of every page is one I took in 2009 at the Quiksilver in Memorial of Eddie Aiaku in Hawaii.